The Mission of the Trust, in collaboration with UNM, is to support the music and musical legacy of John Donald Robb, to further his inspiring commitment to education, and to advance the understanding of music of the Southwest. »Learn more.




Memorial Service Set for John D. Robb, Jr.

John Donald Robb, Jr., a driving force in the development of the UNM Robb Musical Trust, passed away in Albuquerque on July 13. He was 90. Robb, the son of John Donald Robb,was passionate about his father's work. From its inception, he served on the Trust's Board of Directors. The Trust is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2014. A memorial service for Robb, Jr. will take place at 10 a.m. July 24 at Heights Cumberland Presbyterian Church, 8600 Academy NE. 



Trust Celebrates 25th Anniversary

The John Donald Robb Musical Trust at the University of New Mexico is celebrating 25 years of advancing Robb's musical legacy and the music of the Southwest. As part of a year-long celebration, upcoming events will include a Sept. 14 concert at the National Hispanic Cultural Center, an Oct. 7 presentation at the UNM Center for Southwest Research and an Oct. 26 event at the Harwood Museum of Art in Taos.

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Robb Hispanic Folk Music Book Re-published

Hispanic Folk Music of New Mexico and the Southwest: A Self-Portrait of a People, an exhaustive collection and study of 700 folk songs, has been re-published by University of New Mexico Press 34 years after its initial release in 1980. The highly respected book by John Donald Robb, compiled from his many years of recording these songs in the field, is available for purchase at local bookstores or online.



Composers' Competition Goes International

The 6th Biennial Composers' Competition has gone international! For the first time, composers from around the world are invited to compete for the $3,500 prize. Judging the competition will be an international panel including Hilda Paredes and Chinary Ung. The winning competition will be performed during the 2015 John Donald Robb Composers' Symposium.
All entries must be received by October 1, 2014.



Apply for a Grant

Every year, the John Donald Robb Musical Trust welcomes applications for grants up to $3,000 each. Grants are awarded for a broad range of projects, all of which are designed to support and promote the work of Robb, a highly respected 20th Century composer, music arranger/collector and pioneer in electronic music. The application deadline is March 1, and funding decisions will be made by May 1, 2015.



An Electronic Music Pioneer

John Donald Robb was in his 70s when he attended a seminar hosted by Bob Moog in upstate New York to learn more about a revolutionary new instrument, which came to be known as the Moog Synthesizer. Shortly thereafter he became one of the first to purchase the synthesizer, and set about to create a new body of electronic music. After years in storage, in 2013 Robb's Moog synthesizer was refurbished and is now being featured in concerts and used by students.



Accessible to the World

A recently completed project by the Robb Trust graduate assistants has made it easier to listen to and learn about the songs in the John Donald Robb Archive of Southwestern Music. Now you can listen to Robb's field recordings and view the melodies and lyrics, all on your own computer.

We invite you to check it out!



Perform John Donald Robb's Compositions

The John Donald Robb Musical Trust has more than 48 compositions that are ready to be performed. These compositions are divided into seven major areas: orchestral, chamber music, piano, organ, vocal, choral and opera. Recent additions include Robb's Requiem, and to celebrate the New Mexico Centennial, Song for New Mexico.


Experience the Music
View musical scores, photographs and listen to samples of John Donald Robb compositions.

Explore the extensive Robb archive of photographs, scores, performances of compositions and personal papers.

Field Recordings
Listen to nearly 3,000 folk songs and Native American chants collected by John Donald Robb during travels in the Southwest, Latin America and Nepal from 1941-1979.

Graduate Assistantship
Music graduate students are invited to apply for the John Donald Robb Graduate Music Assistantship.

The UNM Robb Musical Trust offers small grants for projects that advance its mission.

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John Donald Robb loved and composed all kinds of music, but his passion for the songs of everyday folk is for what he is most remembered. Roaming the countryside of the Southwest during the 1940s and 1950s, Robb recorded and transcribed over 3,000 Hispano folk songs, the largest collection of its time . . . Robb was an adventurer who had traveled the world – Asia, Europe, South America &ndas..

-- Kelly Kowalski, KNME-TV-5, Emmy Award Winning Producer Director